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How Is Law and Policy Institutions Different from Other Legal Resource Databases?

Law and Policy Institutions provides access to the most comprehensive repository of legal research resources and legislative information. All of the information and resources you will find have gone through a rigorous selection and quality assurance procedure. was created to provide you with a source for the most up-to-date and trustworthy legal and legislative information. Our article database is home to thousands of articles that have been submitted by legal professionals from around the world.

Our key differentiators are quality and relevance. We accomplish this by leveraging the talents of our human editors who diligently screen submitted articles to ensure that we provide only the most useful, most relevant, most substantive and most frequently consulted articles on specific subjects. is growing every day, as more articles and resources are added to the site.


How Do I Submit Articles?

Articles and interviews can be subitted for review by emailing us at info [at] We only accept articles written by attorneys themselves, on unqiue and relevant topics. Email us with your idea before writing on the topic to make sure it's something we haven't already covered. Articles should be at least 700 words. Articles will include an author byline and link to your website, if relevant.


How Do I Get Listed in the Attorney Directory?

Click here to create an account. Listing fees are $35 per year and are automatically renewed, unless you cancel prior to renewal. This helps us cover the cost of reviewing and adding your link, and it subsidizes the costs of hosting and maintaing the website.