Antitrust & Trade Regulation:

Topical Sites:

American Antitrust Institute. Advocacy group with pro-enforcement slant.

AAI Main Site AAI Guide to Internet Resources

AAI Essay: The Evolution of U.S. Antitrust Law Latest headlines on antitrust matters. Includes a collection of tools for quantitative analysis of mergers.

Antitrust Action Center. Advocacy group with anti-enforcement slant. Useful site for latest news on high profile cases.

Antitrust Action Center

Cato Institute Antitrust Page. Articles and content anti-enforcement.

Cato Antitrust Page

Health Hippo Antitrust Page. Resources pertaining to antitrust and the health care industry.

Health Hippo Antitrust Page

Supreme Court Antitrust Debates. Supreme Court cases concerning disagreements among the justices over antitrust law or policy.

Supreme Court Antitrust Debates


Resource Sites:

ABA Antitrust Section. Links to sites of international agencies with antitrust duties.

ABA's Corporate Counseling Committee - contains invaluable materials for in-house counsel that are accessible 24/7.

ABA Antitrust Developments - The latest developments in laws and issues related to a variety of topics, including the relationship between IP and antitrust, joint ventures, antitrust litigation and much more.

ABA Antitrust Library of Articles - The Committee's acclaimed newsletter, "The Antitrust Counselor," with articles written by and/or for in-house counsel

ABA Antitrust Newsletter - The Committee's acclaimed newsletter, "The Antitrust Counselor," with articles written by and/or for in-house counsel

ABA Antitrust Section Main Page

ABA Antitrust Section Resource List

The Antitrust Source. Free online monthly magazine published by the ABA Antitrust Section.

Antitrust Source Main Page

Antitrust Source Resources Collection

Carl Person’s Robinson-Patman Page. Plaintiff’s lawyer’s filings and views on Robinson-Patman.

LawMall Robinson-Patman Page

Cornell University Legal Information Institute’s Antitrust Page. Access to the major antitrust statutes. Also a selection of cases.

Cornell LII Antitrust Page

Findlaw Antitrust Articles List. Findlaw’s links to online articles on antitrust related topics.

Findlaw Antitrust Articles Page

Findlaw Main Antitrust Page

Executive Summary of Antitrust Laws


Agency Sites:

United States Department of Justice. Press releases from DOJ’s Antitrust Division and filings in recent cases.

DOJ Main Page

DOJ Antitrust Page

Federal Trade Commission. Advisory Opinions, actions, press releases, etc.

FTC Main Page

FTC Antitrust Page

National Association of Attorneys General Antitrust Page. Information and filings in multistate actions.

NAAG Antitrust Page

NAAG Contact List